2020 Budget Builder


In October, Strathroy-Council will begin deliberations on the 2020 Municipal budget. And we need your help.

What follows is an interactive survey to allow you, the taxpayer, to have input on the budget for Council to consider. You will have a chance to choose whether spending in each specific section of the budget should be increased, decreased, or left the same. The survey will record your choices and show how those choices could affect the taxes you pay. At the same time, each choice you make will be accompanied by a section for comments, where you can be more specific in your reasons for each choice.

The survey includes both operational spending (the day-to-day costs of running the municipality and delivering municipal services to residents) and capital spending (one-time spending for major projects, infrastructure improvements, and new facilities for residents).

It does not include items paid for by user fees. These include water and sanitary sewer services, garbage and recycling, and building inspection services. Spending in these areas has no impact on taxes. Also not included in this survey are the portions of your taxes that go to Middlesex County and to help pay provincial education costs, as these levies are out of the control of Strathroy-Caradoc Council. In 2019, they accounted for 47 percent of the total tax bill, with Strathroy-Caradoc being responsible for 53 percent of the total.

Keep in mind while going through this survey that a budget increase will mean an increase in 2020 taxes. On the other hand, a budget decrease will result in lower taxes, but also create a service reduction to residents. If a budget decrease is suggested, please state which part of a service area you would like to see reduced in the comment sections below.

This survey will be open from July 15 to September 15. Once it is closed, all results will be assembled and presented to Council members for their information as they start their budget considerations.

Let's get started

Before starting this survey on the 2020 budget, anyone wishing more detailed information on the 2019 budget should study the budget presentation and consolidated budget approved by Council this past spring.

The total tax revenue the Municipality collected in 2019 was $17,070,709. Of that, $15,042,209 went to the operational budget, and $2,028,500 went to the capital budget.

This survey is divided into two sections – operations and capital. The costs used in the survey come from the 2019 budget.

For each budget line item, you will have three choices:

  • Keep spending at the same level as 2019;
  • Increase spending by five percent;
  • Decrease spending by five percent.