The Municipality of Strathroy-Caradoc was formed in 2001 from an amalgamation of the Town of Strathroy and the Township of Caradoc.
The Town of Strathroy was first settled in 1832 along the banks of the Sydenham River. Incorporated as a village in 1860, increasing population and developing business and industrial activities led to Strathroy being recognized as a town in 1870.
The Strathroy-Caradoc Police Service has been policing the community since February 5, 1872, when, through the enactment of a by-law by the Town of Strathroy, the Strathroy Police Force came into being.
Meanwhile, the first recorded survey of Caradoc Township took place in 1821 just before settlement by European immigrants. The village of Mount Brydges was a significant early settlement in the Township. It was declared a village in 1906.
Caradoc Township was policed by the Ontario Provincial Police until it amalgamated with the Town of Strathroy. At that time, the Strathroy Police Force became the Strathroy-Caradoc Police Service, which has been serving the community ever since.
Past Chiefs of the Strathroy-Caradoc Police Service

1. Chief Robert (Bob) Smith (1986-1999)
2. Chief Brian McCarthy (1999-2008)
3. Chief Richard Beazley (2008-2012)
4. Chief Laurie Hayman (2012-2016)
5. Chief Mark Campbell (2016-Present)

The Original Founding of the Strathroy Police Force

Below are details of the original bylaw that established the Strathroy Police Force:

On February 5th, 1872, By-Law No.34, "To Authorize the Establishment of a Police Force Consisting of One or More Members in the Town of Strathroy", was passed by the Corporation of the Town of Strathroy.

The By-Law was signed by Jas. D. Dewan, Mayor and J.B. Winlow, Clerk.

"The duties of members of said force were to:

1) perambulate the principal streets of the Town at a rate of not more than two miles per hour from the hour of four p.m. to twelve midnight daily.

2) see the orderly and peaceful conduct of the community generally, that everyone may be free to go wherever he pleases and at all times without let or hindrance while pursuing his lawful calling whether it be on pleasure or business.

3) arrest and confine for safe keeping in the lockup all drunken and disorderly persons found in the streets or houses open for the accommodation of the public temporarily until they can be disposed of by the mayor, police magistrate or other justice of the peace.

4) prevent horse racing and furious driving through the streets to the manifest danger of persons travelling on foot, and to prevent the unlawful assembling together of the people for any and every purpose, so as to interrupt or impede the ordinary travel.

5) see that provisions of the by laws are properly carried out in reference to cleaning the sidewalks and highways of all impediments.

6) see that no one ties his horse or horses to or within reach of any tree which may be planted on the sides of the streets either for shade or ornament.

7) watch closely and take immediate steps to give alarm in case of fire or burglary or attempted burglary.

8) report to the mayor or chairman of the Board of Health every case of carelessness as to the disposal of ashes or filth or offal generally, or the accumulation of every thing calculated to cause fire or promote or engender sickness, and generally to perform the duties of Health Inspectors and Fire Warden.

9) prevent persons from riding or driving on or across the sidewalks more than is absolutely necessary in order to obtain access to their lots with fuel or other heavy articles drawn by teams.

10) act promptly and decisively in the capture of all persons guilty of aggravated assault or charged with the commission thereof or guilty of a charge with the commission of any other serious offences under the authority of the sheriff or high constable of the county, or other lawful authority, but not in any case to go beyond the limits of the corporation without authority of the mayor.

11) see the provisions of the by laws passed for the good government of the Town be carried out, and diligently to use the best endeavours in all things, to promote that peace and good order which are so essential to the success and prosperity of the Town.

12) report without fail to the mayor every morning at 10 o'clock (whether anything of consequence may have happened or not, and from written memoranda for which purpose he shall always carry on his persons a convenient pocket journal), to report any event of any consequence that may have happened in the Town during the interval from the report of the morning previous.

13) call and ascertain from personal inspection if necessary, that all shops and taverns are closed for the sale of wines and liquors on Sabbath days and other Holy days fixed by Provincial Statute.

14) (and that) it shall be the duty of the police officer at all times to submit to the orders of the mayor on all occasions."