Binge drinking involves drinking a lot of alcohol in one sitting, which could lead to alcohol poisoning or severe intoxication. Both of these conditions can be fatal.

Mixing Alcohol with Energy Drinks or Drugs

Alcohol is a depressant, while energy drinks are a stimulant. Energy drinks can mask the effects of alcohol, which can lead to drinking too much without recognizing it. Mixing alcohol with drugs can also have serious effects, such as accidental overdosing or even death.

Call an Ambulance

You should call an ambulance if:

  • You can’t wake someone up who has been drinking too much;
  • Someone starts vomiting in their sleep;
  • They start to have seizures;
  • They have slow and irregular breathing and heart rate;
  • They are blush, pale and/or have cold skin.


Drugs/Opioid use

Prescription drugs and street drugs are always changing. It is important for parents to be up to date on what drugs are out there. The following are resources that can help you:

The number of suspected overdoses in our community and in the province continues to increase. Each of these overdoses is a preventable tragedy.

Tips to Save a Life in the Event of an Overdose

If you use drugs or have a friend or family member who uses drugs, these tips may help save a life in the event of an overdose:

Know the signs

An overdose is a medical emergency. Know the signs of an overdose and call 9-1-1 right away:

  • difficulty walking, talking, or staying awake;
  • blue lips or nails;
  • very small pupils;
  • cold and clammy skin;
  • dizziness and confusion;
  • extreme drowsiness;
  • choking, gurgling or snoring sounds;
  • slow, weak, or no breathing;
  • inability to wake up, even when shaken or shouted at.

Don't run. Call 911.

Strathroy-Caradoc Police frontline officers, and other first responders in Strathroy-Caradoc, carry naloxone and we want to assist. The Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act provides broad legal protections for anyone seeking emergency support during an overdose, including the person experiencing an overdose. This means citizens, including youth, will not be charged for offences such as simple possession for calling 9-1-1 in an emergency.

Carry Naloxone

Naloxone can temporarily reverse an opioid overdose. It is available free-of-charge in Strathroy-Caradoc at most pharmacies including, but not limited to: Shoppers Drug Mart, Strathroy Medical Pharmacy, Middlesex London Health Unit, and Bossons Pharmacy. See this link for more information on locating Naloxone kits-

Never use alone

Don't use drugs alone, and don't let those around you use alone either. If you are using with someone else, don't use at the same time. If an overdose occurs, having another person nearby can save your life.

Go slow

The quality of street drugs is unpredictable. Any drug can be cut with, or contaminated by, other agents or drugs (e.g. fentanyl), which in very small amounts can be harmful or fatal. Know your tolerance and always use a small amount of a drug first to check the strength.

Additional Resources

If you are a parent, talk with your children about the very significant risks and dangers associated with the use of any illicit drug or controlled substance. There are many online resources available, including the website

There are agencies and supports in place within our community to assist individuals and their families who are suffering from addictions. Please visit our community partner: Addiction Services of Thames Valley.